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Mikaela Shiffrin - Facts

Nation USA
Birthday March 13, 1995
Birthplace Vail, Colorado
Height 1.70 m
Nickname Miki, Mika


Atomic, Leki, Oakley
Club Burke Mountain
WC Debut March 11, 2011
WC Races 151
WC Podiums 78
WC Wins 56

WC Titles

2 Overall, 5 Slalom
World Champs 5 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Olympics 2x Gold, 1x Silver



Upcoming races

19.02.19 City Stockholm
02.03.19 DH Sochi
03.03.19 SG Sochi



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Are World Champs 2019 - Giveaway / Quiz

Language selection: English | Deutsch





The 45th FIS Ski Alpine World Championships will take place at Are, Sweden from February 4-17.


Mikaela will compete in slalom and giant slalom.

Eventually, she'll be racing in super g and alpine combined.







Thanks for participating in our Are 2019 World Champs giveaway !


You can find the solutions below, we have contacted the 3 winners by email.



Solve the questions about Mikaela, the lenght of each solution is given.

Note the solution and mark the searched key letter of each word.

Read the 11 key letters in chronological order and you will get the final phrase!



1.) What is the street called which is named after Mikaela?

10 letters / key letter: number 8

Solution: Mikaela Way


2.) Which famous person did take care of her when she was little?

11 letters / key letter: number 6

Solution: Lindsey Vonn


3.) Mikaela did a bungee jump with ...?

12 letters / key letter: number 7

Solution: Julia Mancuso


4.) Which famous Italian kids ski race did Mikaela win?

14 letters / key letter: number 2

Solution: Trofeo Topolino


5.) Name her ski academy!

20 letters / key letter: number 5

Solution: Burke Mountain Academy


6.) What did Ester Ledecka borrow from Mikaela during the 2018 Olympics?

3 letters / key letter: number 1

Soution: Ski


7.) From whom is the abbreviation ABFTTB?

12 letters / key letter: number 10

Solution: Heidi Voelker


8.) Which instrument does Mikaela play?

5 letters / key letter: number 2

Solution: Piano


9.) What is her pet named?

6 letters / key letter: number 5

Solution: Muffin


10.) What does Mikaela like to do in between runs?

3 letters / key letter: number 1

Solution: Nap


11.) How did Mikaela name her 3rd reindeer?

5 letters / key letter: number 3

Solution: Mr Gru



Final Solution: We are skiing

Winners: Gavin, Marta, Charlie