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Mikaela Shiffrin - Facts

Nation USA
Birthday 13th March, 1995
Birthplace Vail, Colorado
Height 1.70 m
Weight 68 kg
Nickname Miki, Mika
Gear Atomic, Oakley, Red Bull
Disciplines       SL, GS, PS
Club Burke Mtn Academy
WC Debut 11th March, 2011
WC Races 84
WC Podiums 33
WC Wins 22
WC Titles SL Globe 13,14,15
World Champs SL Gold 13,15
Olympics SL Gold 14



Upcoming races

22.10.16 GS Sölden (AUT)
12.11.16 SL Levi (FIN)
26.11.16 GS Killington (USA)
27.11.16 SL Killington (USA)
02.12.16 DH Lake Louise (USA)
03.12.16 DH Lake Louise (USA)
04.12.16 SG Lake Louise (USA)
10.12.16 GS Sestriere (ITA)
11.12.16 SL Sestriere (ITA)
18.12.16 SG Val-d-Isère (FRA)
20.12.16 GS Courchevel (FRA)
28.12.16 GS Semmering (AUT)
29.12.16 SL Semmering (AUT)
03.01.17 SL Zagreb (CRO)
07.01.17 GS Maribor (SLO)
08.01.17 SL Maribor (SLO)
10.01.17 SL Flachau (AUT)
24.01.17 GS Kronplatz (ITA)
29.01.17 SG Cortina (ITA)
07.02.17 SG St. Moritz WC (SUI)
10.02.17 Co St. Moritz WC (SUI)
16.02.17 GS St. Moritz WC (SUI)
18.02.17 SL St. Moritz WC (SUI)
25.02.17 SG Crans Montana (SUI)
10.03.17 GS Squaw Valley (USA)
11.03.17 SL Squaw Valley (USA)
16.03.17 SG Aspen WC Finals (USA)
18.03.17 SL Aspen WC Finals (USA)
19.03.17 GS Aspen WC Finals (USA)



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Welcome to Mikaela Shiffrin Fanclub

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Fanclub of U.S. Alpine Ski Racer Mikaela Shiffrin. We support our favourite sports athlete through all the World Cup races every winter and share her biography, highlights, pictures, info and our videos with all ski racing fans around the world.



FIS Alpine World Cup 16/17 - Latest results

Killington - Slalom - 1st place - November 27, 2016


"The proudest I have  ever been winning a race was in front of my nana. I put a lot of pressure on myself. Knowing I've been performing so well in slalom, I really had a great chance of winning the slalom here. Thanks to all the fans who came out to watch the last 2 days, the crowd here at Killington was absolutely amazing"



Killington - Giant Slalom - 5th place - November 26, 2016


"Mood ... not terrible, not excellent, just ... solid.

But inspiring skiing from many girls today! Congrats Tessa Worley, Nina Loeseth and Sofia Goggia! Thanks to everyone that came out to watch today, the crowd in Killington is amazing! Now, let's look forward to tomorrow."



Levi - Slalom - 1st place - November 12, 2016


"I'm happy to be on this side of the day and know where I stand. I think these other girls, Wendy and Petra especially, are going to be really good competitors this season, so I'm happy with where I'm at, but I've got to keep fighting".

 (Mikaela announced that she named her reindeer "Sven", after the character in the Disney movie Frozen)





Coming home: Slalom Queen at Killington 

Besides a 5th place in GS the day before, Mikaela wins the World Cup slalom at Killington in front of an amazing home crowd - inspiring to see the excitement for ski racing at the US. Definitely a super special win for Mikaela in front of her family!




FIS Alpine World Cup 16/17 - Leaderboards


1. Shiffrin 325 Pts

2. Holdener 168 Pts

3. Loeseth 165 Pts

4. Vlhova 157 Pts

5. Worley 140 Pts

6. Zuzulova 130 Pts

7. Bassino 110 Pts

8. Goggia 105 Pts

9. Gut 100 Pts

10. Kirchgasser 98 Pts


1. Shiffrin 200 Pts

2. Holdener 140 Pts

3. Zuzulova 130 Pts

4. Vlhova 105 Pts

5. Loeseth 82 Pts

6. Strachova 72 Pts

7. Duerr 62 Pts

8. Skjoeld 55 Pts

9. Holmner 48 Pts

10. Kirchgasser 47 Pts

Giant Slalom

1. Worley 140 Pts

2. Shiffrin 125 Pts

3. Bassino 110 Pts

4. Goggia 105 Pts

5. Gut 100 Pts

6. Loeseth 83 Pts

7. Drev 66 Pts

8. Brignone 61 Pts

9. Vlhova 52 Pts

10. Kirchgasser 51 Pts



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